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Image courtesy Deborah Crowe

Deborah Crowe @ 1B Ponsonby Road

We interviewed our friend and neighbour Deborah Crowe in her ‘old/new’ studio at 1B Ponsonby Road. Deborah you’ve been our neighbour at 1B for quite some time now! What do you like about having your studio at 1B Ponsonby Road? Yes, I’ve been resident at… Read More

Margaret Estall

Margaret Estall @ 1b Ponsonby

Margaret, entering your studio was a real treat. Your work is immaculate considering your chosen tools are notably messy! How do you manage this? Preparation is the key, if you want a clean finish you can’t just charge in and start making. As my works… Read More

Tiffany Rewa Newrick, Drawing

Tiffany Rewa Newrick | Interview

Hi Tiffany – last time we met you were hard at work crafting beautiful keepsake boxes for your silent auction as the 2012 Artists Alliance resident artist. It’s been four years since then, what direction has your practice taken? A lot has happened on a… Read More

Assemblage artwork preview 1: Multiple strands of research have been woven into Sian's assemblage artwork, including stories and wishes collected from queer activists spanning several generations. PHOTO: Mark Tantrum

Queer activism 30 years on in Courtenay Place

Artist Sian Torrington‘s latest project We don’t have to be the Building features in the Courtenay Place light boxes from August until December. The assemblage pieces photographed for the lightboxes are the result of an extensive, interactive, community-based project that explores queer activism around homosexual… Read More



Tanya Martusheff, Daphne Simons and Rosa Gubay sat down with Sarah Mohawk in the Artists Alliance office recently to discuss Sarah’s latest project – the PUBLIC DOMAIN Art Fair 2016 (PDAF’16).

Urban, 1365 x 1360mm, acrylic, ink, fabric, and paper on canvas.

Interview | Rozana Lee

Recently making her way to INSTINC SOHO in Singapore for a one month residency, Rozana Lee sat down with us to speak about her work, her residency experience, and the benefits of being a mature student and a mother.

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Lyn Dallison on Between Tides

With the fifteenth iteration of the one-day art event Between Tides about to take place, Lyn Dallison shared with us images from previous years and answered a few questions about the event’s history and philosophy.