Wanda Gillespie

Wanda Gillespie’s carved works seek to explore the ties between the spiritual and physical realms and between the living and the dead. Read on to learn about these cultural influences.

captcha – New Artist Run Space Interview

We are always interested to hear about new artist run spaces so we sent Jerome Ngan-Kee from the new space captcha a series of questions.  captcha has recently opened with their first show Starfish by Brittany French which runs until June 17th, located at 112 Newton Road, Auckland. Here is… Read More

State of Princes – New Artist Run Gallery

We recently talked to Craig Freeborn from the artist run gallery ‘State of Princes’. Originally from Dunedin, ‘State of Princes’ is relocating to Auckland and they are currently running a BOOSTED campaign to help raise funds for the all important set up costs.